To View pictures for sale please click on to names and open each in turn, for more help please contact me on
To View pictures for sale please click on to names and open each in turn, for more help please contact me on
Welcome to Padstow Art Group
Welcome to Padstow Art Group

DEBBIE HENSHAW    Debbie was born and raised in Porthcothan Bay, Cornwall where as a child she freely explored the countryside, and stunning coastline, not constrained by time Debbie the eldest of four children lived for the moment not only walking but playing in all weathers. The dramatic seascapes and valley with the river snaking through it inspired her, with the ever changing colours of the rising and setting of the Sun. The sky, clouds and weather are all a huge influence in her work. Debbie is enthused by the sea and loves exploring the colours and majesty of the natural world. Debbie was fortunate to marry Peter, in Padstow Church, living locally she raised her family to also enjoy Cornwall’s charms and be proud of their heritage. Debbie’s parents and Grandparents were founder members of the Padstow Art Group. Debbie’s career has seen her work for social services, the newspapers, politics before moving to working for charities, where she raises funds so the organisation can undertake and fulfil their missions.  Debbie finds she is absorbed in her paintings and hopes you will also be inspired and enjoy her paintings with every stroke being an expression of her deep rooted spirituality and emotion. Spirituality impacts her art she strives to translate her connection to this internal energy to canvas allowing the brush or knife to tell a story with colour, shape, and form. Art is teaching her to be more observant and that all things change with time and tide and that the only way to make time stand still is to paint, capturing the most magical of moments and dreams. 

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